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EARS is an analytical and advisory agency for the Great Lakes Region of Africa

EARS experts are renowned academics, independent analysts, international development leaders, and seasoned expert consultants. All our experts have worked and lived in the Great and East Africa region for many years, conducted wide range of researches on the regions and speak different languages including local dialects. EARS provide analysis and advice on demand and facilicitate access to relevant experts and research community in other specialised areas.


Expert Witness and Country of Origin Information Reports

We provide analytical Country of Origin Information Reports (Great Lakes Region and East Africa Regions), on matters relating to cultures and languages, gender and ethnicities, cross-boders identities, traditional beliefs, conflicts and political violence, aid and development, human rights, albinos social issues, public health incuding FGM practices, and HIV and AIDS. Country of origin report is an objective, concise, accurate, detailed information on country of origin situations, reports serve in resolving complex disputes and informs legislative, judicial, regulatory, and business and policy decision makers


Research in conflicts and peace building

We provide research and analytical services to support innovative and collaborative policies and practices respoding to conflicts and promoting peace building. We are committed to increase understanding of the underlying causes of conflicts and sustainable 'home grown' solutions. We strive to promote and disseminate knowledge based information about conflicts dynamics: we provide series of conferences and debates for academics, professionals, NGO’s and charities workers aiming to find peaceful solutions to conflicts.